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About Us

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Joanne Cirillo - Owner

Joanne Cirillo, Owner

I opened Bayfield Wine and Spirits (BWS) in May of 2011. It’s a small shop in a small town that sits on the edge of one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes – Lake Superior or Gichigamiwininiwag to the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) tribal bands that have, for centuries before us, called this special place home and do so today.
The lake plays a big part in the lives of the Bayfield community. It reminds us that we are small in the face of the powerful forces of nature. The lake is big enough to create its own weather systems - sometimes lovely, sometimes harsh.

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The shop also has its seasons—more red wines in the winter. Rich, fuller-bodied wines that go with winter meals. Stews, hearty soups, and the holiday meals that bring people around their inside tables. 
In the summer, it’s bubbles (champagnes and sparkling wines), crisp whites, and lighter reds. These are the wines that go with warm-weather outdoor meals like fish caught fresh from the lake or a table crowded with small plates, each with the fresh taste of summer. Basil, tomatoes, simply dressed greens, cheese, olives, and salami. 
You can no doubt tell that my love of wine came from a love of food. Let me reassure you, though, that I am not one to turn away from a well-made craft spirit to warm up after a chilly boat ride or a fall campfire. 

Our customers are saying...

Hard to believe you can find such a unique selection in such a small town. If you are looking for unique high-quality beer, wine or spirits this is a must-stop!!!


“Excellent wine and beer selection at great prices. The owner is helpful and very knowledgeable.


"This store is awesome! All you need, and opportunities to try different local spirits and wines. Nice folks who know their products."


"I Walked in, and they were closing up but were more than happy to allow me to shop and make a purchase. I had a really good chat with the owner about whiskey, and they welcomed the input about different labels. Super nice and totally helpful. Definitely worth stopping in to see if they have what you need."


Fine Wine

We focus on wines from smaller producers. Generally, this means less intervention in final wine production techniques. That can mean fewer additives and less reliance on other big-winery methods. We believe in wine as agriculture.

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Bottles of amber bourbon on a glass shelf in front of a window

Premium Spirits/Liquor

Nowadays, “premium” is applied to liquors of superior quality or those that are aged for more extended periods. There is also a category called ‘super-premium,’ We have some of those too!

Specialty Liqueurs

Liqueurs are used in a wide variety of cocktails. They are the ingredients that usually make the drink extra special. The secret is that most can also be enjoyed neat, chilled, or on the rocks. Examples are Amaretto, Chambord, and Cointreau.

Bottles of various Liqueurs on a gray shelf

Some Recommendations



Here are some fun options we think you will enjoy!


Great Values

You are not going to believe how fantastic these gems are at an equally fantastic price point!

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